17:25 21/08/2019
III Climate Forum of cities, 4-5 September 2019, Zaryadye park
On 4-5 September 2019 the Government of Moscow is holding the III Climate Forum of cities. This year the Climate Forum will be held in the Zaryadye. III Climate Forum of Cities is focused on sustainable urban development. Leading experts in sustainable development and climatology from Russia and foreign countries are invited to participate in the Climate Forum.
The purpose of the Climate Forum is to unite the efforts of the government, businesses and scientific communities to create effective climate plans, exchange experience in implementation of significant projects in this area. The Forum agenda includes plenary sessions, panel sessions, workshops and lectures on all aspects of sustainable urban development, climate change and adaptation. You can see the program at www.climate-forum.ru.
The second Climate Forum of cities was held in September 2018 and has become a successful international platform in the Russian Federation, uniting efforts of all stakeholders in the development of mutually beneficial solutions in the field of environmental protection and climate change. Representatives from 23 countries, 25 regions of Russia attended the Climate Forum. It was a striking event for the capital and it drew the civil society’s attention to the problem of global climate change.

Taking into account the particular relevance of the experience exchange in the field of climate impact reduction and adaptation to climate change in order to ensure a sustainable future of the planet, we invite you to take part in the Climate Forum.