Subscribe to ecology: Moscow will host the II Climate Forum of cities
22 August 2018201820182018
On September 6-7 Moscow for the second time will host the Climate Forum of cities - a key event for those who follow the ecological development of modern megacities. The venue of the forum is going to be the historical pavilion of the Exhibition of Achievements of National Economy "Worker and Collective Farm Woman", reconstructed into a modern educational platform. The event will unite Russian and world climate experts, public and research organizations and the urban community. The guests of the forum include city design consultant Jan Gehl, the president of Michi Creative City Designers Michi Kono and the founder of Sustainatopia conference John Rosser. Invited speakers will talk about current climate initiatives within the framework of this year's theme, which is "Smart City - Green Technologies" - and discuss scenarios for finding a way out from the environmental crisis relying on successful international practices.
The environmental well-being of cities is increasingly becoming a sign of good governance and an instrument for attracting investment, and global warming affects not only the level of water in the world's oceans, but also the daily life of megacities. In Moscow, where climate change is most palpable, the theme of eco-awareness is more relevant than ever. Citizens are changing their way of life - many have already switched to separate waste collection, moved to bicycles and buying products without packaging. It's time to discuss how to build a "green" city of the future with our common forces.
Climate forum of cities is a platform for international exchange in the field of sustainable development of urban ecosystems. The forum is held at the world level since 2017 and is organized by the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Moscow. This year the leading experts in climate control, environment, urban studies and smart city technologies will take part in the forum. The forum guests will be able to listen to about 40 reports and to communicate with speakers from 18 countries. Among them are Jana Davydova, the head of C40 regional projects in China and India, expert on sustainable development; Rolf Posthauer, Director of the Nedworc association and HER-Advice; Vladimir Kendrovskiy, Coordinator of the Climate Change, Health and Sustainable Development Program of the World Health Organization European Center for environment and health; Ilva Sarden, Head of the climate and energy department in the administration of Norrbotten County in Sweden; Shino Tanikawa, Director of the New York City Soil and Water Conservation District. In addition, the forum will feature Danish architect and urban design expert Professor Jan Gehl, who will talk about the prospects of green construction in Russia.
Lecture program
The Climate Forum is the largest event in the sphere of eco-education in Moscow and is aimed at informing the citizens of the capital and the regions of the Russian Federation about living in cities under the conditions of climate change. The open lecture program of the forum, which is held with the participation of the head of the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection of Moscow Anton Kulbachevskiy, will go on for two days and will touch upon topics such as:
•   green construction and green standards;
•   energy efficiency;
•   environmental education and new professions in the field of sustainable development;
•   urban development and landscaping;
•   environment protection and monitoring;
•   preservation of climate stability in the modern city;
•   responsibility and initiatives of the urban community;
•   environmental investments.
The first day of the forum will be dedicated to the analysis of the climate agenda of the modern city. Key sessions include a digest of relevant scientific research, climate reserves and renewable energy sources, as well as examples of effective municipal governance mechanisms and corporate strategies in the field of nature conservation.
The second day of the forum will continue with the discussion of the climate partnership scenarios. The cases from the areas of “green” construction and technologies, public initiatives, investments and financing of eco-innovations, as well as reasonable consumption and social responsibility of the citizens will be covered.
Exhibition project
During the forum an exhibition project will open in the reconstructed pavilion of VDNKh "Worker and Collective Farm Woman", which will fill the architectural monument by Boris Iofan and Vera Mukhina with new content. The event will be appealing for both children and adults: the exhibition will include interactive exhibits, clearly explaining the essence of natural phenomena throughout the world. Guests can also become participants in an immersive show about climate change and see a model of the future life on Earth. Entrance to the exhibition is free by prior registration.
The forum will also include a ceremony of awarding the winners of the "Climate Development Leader" award. The award is focused on projects and organizations that have contributed to raising environmental awareness, environmental protection, climate balance and the creation of "smart" urban spaces. Companies, public organizations, scientific and educational institutions, regional and municipal administrations, architectural bureaus are invited to participate in the competition. The jury will choose the 3 best projects in each of 5 nominations:
•   Best project in eco-volunteering;
•   Best project in eco-education;
•   Best project in eco-innovation;
•   Best eco-project in consumer market;
•   Best project in the eco-cities of the future.
Based on the results of the Climate Forum of Cities, a program of public-private partnership in the field of eco-innovations will be developed, which will become a platform for the development and support of green start-ups in Moscow and other cities of the Russian Federation, as well as a universal platform for exchanging experiences with international counterparts in the field of climate and climatology, environmental monitoring, urban planning, environmental protection, energy security and other relevant areas in the area of maintaining the climate balance.
Entrance to all events of the forum is free by prior registration.